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September 3, 2020by Kate
If you get completely overwhelmed by all of the conflicting dating advice out there  – I’m not surprised!


Be A “Bitch”! 

Let a man “Lead..”

“Let Go..” BUT “Take Action” !

Be Available – BUT, Don’t be available!

My head is spinning..


SO – this is where my system LOVE REWIRED is unique!


We work with you INDIVIDUALLY as well as in a group to make sure that the actions that you take, and the decisions that you make are SPECIFIC enough to be effective

Because it seems insane to me to try to apply a ‘one solution fits all’ set of strategies to love


Your dating challenges are mostly coming from the INSIDE – NOT from a single text message, or who texted who first, or any set of ‘rules’

We REWIRE YOU FOR LOVE so that you just naturally learn how to trust YOURSELF and to speak your TRUTH


We also mix with a men’s group every fortnight – these are spiritual warriors, men on dating apps who actually want love, commitment and connection and are there to answer your dating questions

So, the answer is – it doesn’t really matter if you text him or not – what matters is, are you ready to RECEIVE LOVE?

If it’s just not happening then the answer is NO and you need our help!


BOOK A FREE CALL with us and we will get you total clarity on what is not working in your love life, and how to fix it!


Speak soon,

Kate Xx

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