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People operating at extremely high levels of achievement have a special set of needs, challenges and fears that require a high level of attention, understanding and discretion from a coaching perspective.

The personal touch, understanding and results that come from working with Kate One-On-One are a result of her 20 years of experience working in Film and Television with some of the world’s greatest creative personalities, celebrities and leaders. Combined with her rocket fuelled personal success story in her own business, and then being coached by some of the world’s top and most successful 8 and 9 figure coaches, gives Kate the credibility skills and understanding needed to serve clients fully at this level.

People at the top of their game, once they have reached huge goals often feel lonely, purposeless and lacking in real connection.

Finding love – from within, and from those around us can feel very challenging and this is where extreme success can actually become a barrier to feeling authentic, deep love and the feelings of satisfaction that come from striving towards the next goal.

Kate helps high level leaders, performers and celebrities to reconnect with their inner joy, self-love, a sense of fulfilment and purpose and to reconnect with the joy and gift of romantic love.

Trusting those around you, being loved for who you really are and being fully authentic are all challenges that Kate can help you to solve, as well as dating and finding the ideal partner for you – without risking exposure, making costly mistakes and without compromising.

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“Blind Spot dating is the curse of the modern women - let me help you to bring self-love, clarity and consciousness into your love life” - Kate Mansfield
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