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Finding love is hard enough, but keeping it is the real challenge. So many women are able to attract a quality man, but then find that he disappears after one or two dates, or even worse after a few months. Being ghosted is really painful, and when it happens repeatedly it can cause deep wounds to our self worth. Recovering from this take time and needs intervention. Getting into negative and destructive patterns in a relationship can also be a sabotaging issue, where due to anxious attachment, or avoidance and emotional anorexia, many women destroy what would have been good relationships by acting out in neediness, obsessive texting, control issues, or by retreating into avoidance and not responding in a way that makes men feel safe enough to commit. Men need love, they need to feel safe and that we are able to share who we really are. If we are wearing a mask, or trying to be someone else it pushes men away. We help you to get to the core of these issues and resolve them permanently so that you can create true intimacy and create authentic love that is all about mutual care, support and love.

As well as working with single women, I often work with women who are struggling to get out of bad or abusive relationships and marriages, This can be a very difficult, chaotic and terrifying process. I can help you to free yourself from addictive patterns that might be keeping you stuck in bad relationships, so that you can then work on yourself to recover fully and to find a new and different kind of love. lf you have been long term single, or have never had a relationship at all I can also help you as this is much more common than most people realise. I have had several clients who are now married who had never been in a relationship – not ever. Being long term single can cause immense shame, and self doubt. Feeling unattractive or unlovable crates a desire to hide the problem which only makes it worse. We can help you to date from a place of confidence and self worth very quickly attracting the right man for you.

We have helped hundreds of women around the globe to find and keep true love with an ideal partner. For more information about Kate Mansfield and Team, the #1 Results-Orientated Relationship Coach in London, please click here or get in touch with us.

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“Blind Spot dating is the curse of the modern women - let me help you to bring self-love, clarity and consciousness into your love life” - Kate Mansfield
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