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Lucy’s Story

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Vicky’s Story

How single mum Claire found an available man

Claire’s Story

How Lisa found her man

Lisa’s Story

Manifesting True Love

Andromeda’s Story

Training To Be A Relationship Coach After Transforming Her Own Love Life

Lena’s Story

Manifesting her man

Melinda’s Story

How Lauren Met Her Future Husband Online in Under 8 Weeks

Lauren’s Story

How she got EXACTLY what was on her vision board!

Maxine’s Story

How a Successful, Single Mum Healed Her Past And Manifested Her Vision Board Man

Naomi’s Story

The True Cost of Staying Single

Lauren’s Story

A Lord & A Celebrity on TINDER?

Melinda’s Story

How to find an amazing new man online

Daphne’s Story

How Fiona found love online in under 12 weeks

Fiona’s Story

How She Got Her Ex Back and he fully committed!

Sarah’s Story

How she found her soulmate on Tinder in under 3 dates

Rachel’s Story

Suzanne’s Story

Sam’s Story

How Nat Overcame Dating Fatigue & Attracted Her Soulmate

Nat’s Story

How Shaya Used Her Feminine Energy To Find Love

Shaya’s Story

How Julia Manifested her Viking!

Julia’s Story

How My Secret Feminine Magnetism Magic Techniques Helped Lucy Manifest True Love

Lucy’s Story

How Sara Went From A Dating Desert To 3 Incredible Men – Found Out Who She Choose & Why!

Sara’s Story

How Sara Went From Dating Down to Attracting Quality Men Using My Methods

Sara’s Story

How Louise Let Go of Mr. Unavailable & Found Mr. Right

Louise’s Story

Suzanne celebration

Suzanne’s Story

Vicky celebration

Vicky’s Story

Naomi celebration

Naomi’s Story

Lisa celebration

Lisa’s Story

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