BlogWhy He Pulled Away – & How To Fix It!

September 2, 2020by Kate
If you find that as soon as you get close to a man that you really like, he pulls away – even disappears – then you need to read this!


Most likely after this happens you go into your HEAD trying to analyze WHY

But the fact is – you can’t ever really know why, and why is not the correct question to ask anyway

The truth is – there is ONE SECRET INGREDIENT that makes a man chase you, keep coming back, and want to stay. . .


And it’s NOT one of these things:

1. Being sexy
2. Being great in bed
3. Being clever, kind, generous and loving
4. Being available to him all of the time
5. It’s not your looks, your career, your ability to be funny, or anything else EXTERNAL



Want to know what this actually IS and how to CREATE THIS INSIDE OF YOU?


If you get this – you can magnetize, and keep any man that you want – and add to that list any client, any amount of money, any dream job/house or other stuff that is in your VISION

Manifestation happens when we truly fall in love with ourselves


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