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Most therapists and coaches ask you questions and listen, watching you stumble around in the dark as they rack up huge bills and waste YEARS of your life.

Self-discovery is an illusion and a painful path of repeating destructive patterns. Kate and her team of coaches couldn’t be further from that viewpoint. They believe every woman is an individual with a unique set of beliefs, behaviours and past hurts.

Kate and the ‘Dating Diet’ coaching team give you exactly what you need, created as a bespoke process, so that once identified you can plug and play an entire system and quickly begin transforming your love life.

• Kate is an Award Winning Coach, TV Personality, Writer & Women’s Rights Activist.

• Founder of ‘The Dating Diet’ system.

• The #1 Results Oriented Dating & Relationship Coach in the UK.

• Kate’s company has helped hundreds of women around the globe to find and keep true love with an ideal partner.

• As a Top Love Coach and Entrepreneur Kate built her business from scratch, with no investment and got to 7 figures within just 2 years of launching.

• Now Kate teaches others to apply her Step-By-Step ‘Dating Diet’ Formula and Relationship Bonding Techniques with their own personal strengths to immediately propel their love lives to commitment and marriage.

• Kate has put together an extraordinary team of coaches and specialists who help her to deliver her programs.

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“Blind Spot dating is the curse of the modern women - let me help you to bring self-love, clarity and consciousness into your love life” - Kate Mansfield
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