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July 27, 2020by Kate

There are so many stories out there about men that are just WRONG!

Like –


1. Men don’t want love
2. Men are not romantic
3. Men don’t want commitment
4. Men, cheat, lie and betray women because they can’t ‘keep it in their pants’
5. Real men don’t cry, or have feelings

In my experience of coaching men for the past 15 years, in love, I can PROMISE YOU THIS
In fact, this is why we introduced MIXED COACHING into my program, to actually give our clients EVIDENCE of this
But for those of you reading this now – men are JUST LIKE US
In fact, in many ways, they are MORE SENSITIVE than women
And this is why, men often disappear, or go silent, or protect themselves with ‘avoider’ behaviours
As a woman, your job is to help a men to feel EMOTIONAL SAFETY so that he doesn’t get scared, and run away
BUT – If you are scared of your own feelings – then,’s not going to work!

You are going to SPOOK HIM

And this is where GHOSTING happens..
So, you see, often what you think is the problem – is something completely different!
And this is the POWER OF COACHING
And from there you can start to dismantle your own fears, so that you don’t spook him!
Book a call with us now, it’s free and we can help you to learn more about how you might be spooking men into ghosting you;

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