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July 17, 2020by Kate

I hear this all of the time..

“Men are intimidated by me!”

It’s a classic line that I hear from successful, driven, independent career women, and women leaders all of the time

They often say it with a mix of pride, but also a tinge of sadness..

It is sad..

It’s TRAGIC in fact – the number of amazing women that I speak with who are dating LOSERS!


But the good news is that this can be FIXED!

And really fast – let me explain!

The thing is – the reason that you think that men are intimidated probably isn’t true..

Most women think it’s because men are weak, wet or stupid..

AND, they think that they are too good for most men..

I can tell you the REAL REASON though

Most women who fit this category are super confident on the outside

But deep down, inside they are TERRIFIED OF THEIR FEELINGS

They project an intimidating exterior – as a DEFENSE AGAINST BEING HURT

And it works!

But, sadly – it also defends against LOVE

Let us help you to step out of this MASCULINE ENERGY

And to learn a proven system where we REWIRE YOU FOR LOVE

Book a free call now, to find out HOW:

It EASY when you know how

Kate Xx

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