BlogWhy The Men That You Like Don’t Like You Back!

July 7, 2020by Kate
This is the worst aspect of being stuck in your love life..


You’re looking for love – and this is the problem..

Just hardly any men that you like – online, offline..anywhere..

Sometimes, you go for months, even YEARS without anything happening, nothing at all..

And then, he ARRIVES  – OMG – It’s THAT FEELING and off you go, it’s exciting, heady, stomach swirlingly good..

The messages flow back and forth, you have an amazing date, a show stopping kiss, and you feel so lit up..

You feel a deep connection, he’s perfect – handsome, successful funny and just ideal for you..



Just like that!

As fast as he arrives – no reason, no explanation..

And then, it’s back to..



And into the dating desert again..

It doesn’t have to be this way – we help to REWIRE you FOR LOVE so that you are fully connected inside and then the ones that you like LIKE YOU BACK – and for the long term..

Book a call now and let us show you the way..

Kate X

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