BlogWhat Men Need To Fall In Love – And How To Create This!

July 8, 2020by Kate

Men and Women are in many ways exactly the same

They both ultimately want love, acceptance, loyalty and connection with someone special


There are also some key differences in the biological make up of men, that most women are not fully aware of and have no idea how to manage..

So, there is one KEY THING that men need in order to really fall in love with a woman

They need to feel EMOTIONAL SAFETY

And if you are blocked, avoidant, fearful of intimacy and in your masculine energy then you will not be able to create this at all, and men will never take you seriously enough to really give you the commitment that you want and need

If you find that men use you for sex, for fun and string you along but don’t commit then this is an issue for you and it needs healing NOW

We walk you through this in our program, and we are paired with a men’s group so that you can actually hear this from men directly – these are men who are spiritually awake, available and also on dating apps who can answer your questions all about love and dating

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