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June 1, 2020by Kate

Do you find that in your relationships, and even when dating, men just never really open up to you?

There’s banter and small talk and chit chat and then it fizzles, into…silence…

Are you frustrated by the lack of connection, lack of emotion, and the refusal to talk about stuff that is really MEANINGFUL to you?

The problem is that men are TRAINED from birth to avoid EMOTIONAL TALK

And then, they get often get nagged at, and even raged at by women over the years who crave that connection and don’t get it..

So that by the time they get to you, they already have an inbuilt avoidance, a fear of talking about ‘feelings’ and it results in an emptiness, a coldness and a detachment that feels awful

There is nothing worse than feeling lonely IN A RELATIONSHIP

Sound familiar?

How to fix this?

Well, in my program we do mixed coaching, that is we are partnered with a men’s dating program, yes, men also do invest time and money in spiritual work, self-development and in wanting to know how to understand and give to and to please women

There are men out there who want DEEP CONNECTION TOO!

So last week, we asked them in person on our group call about this – why do men avoid talking about their FEELINGS?

The answer just seriously BLEW OUR MINDS

It’s not because men are cold, dead inside or because they don’t care

The REAL REASON is something else..

It is FEAR!

Fear of rejection, fear of abandonment and fear of criticism..

The men on the call walked the women on the call through what this is and specifically what a man needs from a woman in order to open up, and give a woman his heart – fully in!

Then, the women on the call went and applied this in their dating and relationships and had INSTANT RESULTS

If you want to find out more about this, and how this could instantly give you the answers that you need in your love life then book a free consultation with my team NOW:

Speak soon..

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