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June 2, 2020by Kate

From today the Government has placed a ban on anyone from different households having sex. This has been coined as an #sexban by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain today, who pointed out that it is likely that Dominic Cummings will ‘find a way around it’. Lol.

Agreeing with Piers is something I seem to have to be getting used to, and just like in the Love Island debate that I did with him last year, he is actually talking sense! I have much respect for Piers’ recently found crusade against injustice and corruption over the way the government have made such a mess of handling all lockdown rules for Covid 19.

This one is perhaps the most bizarre yet, with a potential fine of £100 for having sex with your partner if you live in separate houses, even if you are married!


But the timing is even more illogical, with parks and shops all suddenly heaving with peoples result of easing, squashing together like the beach in high summer – I would think you are more likely to get coronavirus sunbathing than you are by sleeping with your long-term boyfriend.

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