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October 28, 2019by Kate

In this post, I want to talk about THE TRUE COST OF STAYING SINGLE LONG TERM and how my client Lauren found true love and also more than doubled her income DIRECTLY as a result of investing in my coaching program.

Lauren is one of many of my success stories – clients who were sick and tired of over-functioning, giving relentlessly and managing everything alone.

As a result of working with me, Lauren found true love, but there were many other hidden benefits, especially in terms of money and finances.

Lauren and I were chatting recently about this and she agreed to jump on a video call with me to share her breakthroughs about her experience, we had a truly enlightening discussion about men, women and money.

We hate talking about money as a rule – it’s vulgar and the deep confusion that permeates our modern society about who should pay for what, from picking up the cheque on a first date through to childcare and shared resources generally are up there with sex as one of the highest contributing factors for divorce.

Join Lauren and I to hear about how she let go of her extreme self-sufficiency because while there’s nothing wrong with being a strong, independent woman – often we use this as a defence. The really sad thing is that it becomes a defence against love and against getting our needs met from men, and it especially blocks us from being in a financially supportive relationship where we trust enough to share ourselves fully.

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