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October 28, 2019by Kate

This woman had tried EVERYTHING and was actually pretty good at Manifesting in all other areas of her life but when it came love she was just full of fear, doubt and limiting beliefs that were running the show.

She was quite dubious that this work would actually help her to be able to feel chemistry with a nice guy – this is after all the main challenge that most women face, because sure we can stay alone, or have those toxic, crazy, high chemistry relationships – but is it possible to actually find love and have a great relationship AND FEEL CHEMISTRY FOR A nice guy?

The answer is – YES!

Ever had this problem yourself?

Join me in this video to find out about this incredible story where despite the odds she did it – she put her past aside and with my help, we made sure that she got into alignment and then BOOM!


Once she DECIDED and got fully COMMITTED in under 12 weeks she manifested a new partner and he was PERFECT for her

And this is what is SO UNIQUE about the work that I do with women – for so many of them, releasing the past and putting my strategies into practice just opens them up to RECEIVE in a way that they have never experienced before and then they just become MAGNETS for true love and it happens almost INSTANTLY.

Watch now to hear her story and catch exactly how she did it – despite having a history of only feeling attraction to men who are UNAVAILABLE.

Melinda’s Testimonial from Kate Mansfield on Vimeo.

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