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August 28, 2020by Kate

I came back to work on Monday from holiday to an inbox FULL of gratitude emails

How nice is that?

And, just as I was a tiny bit full of holiday blues, I was blown away by the personal thanks sent from women that I have recently finished working with

The thing that they were all most grateful for though was interesting – and surprisingly it was NOT the fact that they had finally found an amazing man – after years, sometimes even decades of either being alone, or dating awful men!


They all shared immense gratitude for the unique system that we teach here at Love Rewired – a system that shifts you from HEAD to HEART

So many of my clients are living in their HEADS and have no idea that this is the key thing that is blocking LOVE

Because it sounds obvious – LOVE COMES FROM YOUR HEART, NOT YOUR HEAD!

But often, there’s a tendency to try to THINK your way into a solution


We teach you how to FEEL again


Want to know how?


BOOK A FREE CALL with our team and let us show you. We spend 30 minutes, no charge, specifically helping you to uncover this and walking you through a head to heart shift that will change your WHOLE LIFE and your LOVE LIFE!


Speak soon,


Kate Xx

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