Love is SO SIMPLE!


But for so many people, it just doesn’t feel that way – right?

Well, it can be, but there are some basic things that need to be in place, and if these things are missing you will find yourself in a never-ending cycle – a revolving door of bad dates, terrible relationships and wasted time.

I speak to people every day and the stories are HEARTBREAKING when I hear about the lost years and the time spent in confusion, pain and sexless, loveless partnerships because there is no chemistry


One of the biggest killers of chemistry is when you don’t value yourself highly enough, and then the behaviours that spin-off from this – and women are much more guilty of this than men, generally speaking



The women that I speak to and work with all share this in common – they try to rush things to manage their anxious attachment, and they end up KILLING the chemistry by not LOVING THEMSELVES FIRST!

And for the other person, the one that you want – it’s a TOTAL KILLER!


You must have been on the other side before – when someone just tries to jump in, and you just feel ICKY
It’s just such a turn off – because it’s TOO EASY
There’s no thrill of the chase, there’s no fire, and the chemistry just DIES because there’s no CHALLENGE!
If you want to find out how this might be showing up in your love life, and how to fix the REAL underlying issues then book a free call with me and my team – We will tell you in under an hour EXACTLY what is wrong, and how we can fix it FAST!

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Kate Xx