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March 24, 2021by Kate
This is a very strange thing!


Why is that woman who are exceptional leaders – action takers, open to risk, confident and strong in their work lives – so often end up alone? Or, dating the wrong men?


Why do these women secretly feel like a failure in their love lives?


I have been doing this work for 15 years, and I’ve worked with celebrities, CEO’s, top leaders, and 7 & 8 figure female entrepreneurs, and they all have the same problems in love


Often, women in powerful positions in their careers are mistaking confidence for self-esteem


The two things are not the same

And so, while they present as super confident

They have low self-esteem lurking underneath and this shows up in their relationship life

It shows up in the following behaviors and patterns


– Dating down, dating men who are not their equal
– Accepting crumbs
– Allowing men to take, but not being able to receive
– Confusion about boundaries
– Getting physical, instead of emotional needs met
– Blocked around communicating their needs and desires
– Ghosting and rejection by quality men
– Never getting beyond the early stages of a relationship, or even beyond the second date
– Chasing, driving the relationship and frustration towards men who end up passive and lazy
The truth is that this can easily be fixed!


My specialist area is helping women just like you to fix the core issues deep inside of you that will give you everything that you need to allow your love life to just flow


Love isn’t hard!


But you need to take ACTION because this will not fix itself!

However, most powerful women are applying the wrong kind of action to their love lives – it drives men away!

Watch how we do it and hear from women just like you who took the right action – NOT by chasing yet another unavailable man, but action towards fixing themselves


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