Blog#1 Reason Why You Can’t Get Your Needs Met By A Man

June 20, 2020by Kate


Do you find that in dating, and in your relationships – you are always the one who makes it happen – makes arrangements, suggests dates, moves things forward, texts first and is the one GIVING all of the time..?

Do you feel angry, resentful and rejected when the man you are dating doesn’t make you and your needs a PRIORITY?


There is a reason why this happens, BUT it is nothing to do with:


1. ALL MEN ARE… –  all men are NOT selfish, cheaters or out to take advantage of you – how you ALLOW men to treat you is what they will do..

2. Tinder, or online apps – 97% of my clients meet their life partners online – we show them HOW to attract the QUALITY men, the ones who really want the same as you – connection, commitment and building a life – together!

3. Your age, what you look like, or how much you earn is not relevant – a real, quality, available man doesn’t care about these things – what all men are seeking is your FEMININE energy, a safe, warm, open hearted landing place where they can find deep connection..

Most women that come to me have no idea what this even is, what it looks or feels like and are deeply confused..

Most women who come to me are making the FATAL MISTAKE of playing games, people pleasing & over giving, and/or being a ‘bitch’ – they ALL have their hearts blocked off with walls, with fear and with anger and resentment about men from the past..

Would you like us to walk you out of the past and into your VISION FOR LOVE?


The #1 Reason for all of this is that you are not valuing yourself enough to make YOURSELF A PRIORITY!

You make him, and the relationship a priority, and this is a MAJOR TURN OFF to quality men

How amazing would it be to have a man who can support you, show up for you and MEET YOUR NEEDS FULLY?


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See you on the other side!

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