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May 7, 2021by Kate
Date like a MAN?




Aren’t we supposed to be all about ‘Feminine Energy’?


Sure, yes  – a big aspect of my work is about that, getting out of your analytical head, overthinking, chasing, driving forward and into your HEART SPACE




If you do this at the wrong time – like too early on, you will FAIL AT DATING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN


There’s a critical PACING issue when it comes to dating, and for the early dating phase, most women need to learn how to be more like a MAN


Let me explain!


Men, in general, (there are always exceptions) are better at dating, especially online dating


This is because men fear losing their FREEDOM whereas women often get triggered into ANXIETY and clinginess because they crave SECURITY


In my program, we actually mix with a men’s dating group every other week, so that you can LEARN DIRECT FROM SINGLE GUYS


These are QUALITY MEN, who have the edge when it comes to dating successfully, they are spiritually awake and committed to LOVE


You see, QUALITY MEN know how to PACE things, to create DESIRE in the other person
It’s not a game, it’s just something that men do more easily


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