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October 6, 2020by Kate
At Love Rewired we work with women in all kinds of relationship ‘situations’
What is yours currently?


In over 10 years of studying men and women, and learning what creates REAL commitment, one of the biggest challenges that women who come to me face is not understanding how to read a man’s commitment level..

So – I’m going to help you out right now, to be able to INSTANTLY tell if he is really committed to you, or just wasting your time!

Because, if you are like most of my clients – your biggest fear is having yet more of your precious time wasted, and waking up one day to find out that you have just invested another 6, 12 or more months, or even YEARS on a man who just isn’t that ‘into YOU”

AND THEN – Waking up one morning when you are in your 60’s or 70’s STILL ALONE and wondering what on earth you did wrong?


So, here’s how to tell if the man that you are dating, or even in a relationship with is committed to you, or NOT


If he says/does any of the following, then I hate to tell you – but he is not fully IN:

1. You have been dating and sleeping together for longer than 2 months, and you still have not met his friends, family, and/OR his kids

2. When you ask any questions about feelings or the relationship he shuts you down, changes the subject, or says ‘let’s just go with the flow’

3. He has no clear plan, and he never speaks about a future with you in it

4. He says nice things, spends time with you, and acts as if you are his girlfriend, but he won’t call you that, says he doesn’t like ‘labels’

5. You have amazing sex and a great connection, but you just feel like something is missing, the safety and security that you crave just isn’t there

6. He cancels dates and plans at the last minute

7. You feel as if you are doing the chasing, the planning, and the organizing – you are the one making it happen

8. Every now and again, he talks about moving abroad, or a major life change and he doesn’t ask you what you feel about that

9. He is happy to use you when you are there, but if he gets a better offer he’s gone

10. You don’t feature as a priority – he puts work and other stuff before you

11. You are not sure if you are exclusive

12. You have no idea if he is dating other women, or still online on apps


If you have ticked yes to more than one of the above then HE IS NOT COMMITTED!


If you want to learn how to get REWIRED FOR LOVE – instead of having your time wasted then book a free call with my team – this can be fixed!


Speak soon!

Kate Xx

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