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March 10, 2021by Kate

I speak with some incredible women in my daily calls

Leaders, business owners, successful single mothers who are spinning many plates, top-level executives, CEO’s..

Generally, these women are highly intelligent, have advanced education, and are critical thinkers…



When it comes to LOVE – They are.. ahem..lacking in the ability to make a good choice…

That’s putting it politely lol..

Often, they tell me about their ‘dream man’ – usually, a man who is aloof, unavailable, charming and handsome, but totally immature, selfish and unable to meet their needs…

Or WORSE, sometimes the man in question is actually borderline abusive, a layabout, an addict, or seeing other women – and yes, if he’s wanting to ‘see how it goes’ HE IS SEEING OTHER WOMEN (One for another email!)

But the woman is just CONSUMED with a FEELING of love for this man, and wants to know how to ‘win him back’?

Well.. surely, a much better question is – how can I get a better understanding of what LOVE REALLY IS?!

Because I can promise you – this isn’t love!


It’s lust, infatuation, trauma bonding, or codependency…

And the thing that keeps these women hooked – is their BLIND SPOT

It’s like, they just can’t see this and clearly – all of his flaws are hidden, and the woman has him on this insane pedestal

This BLIND SPOT can keep you stuck for DECADES

We help you to see clearly, to see yourself honestly enough to really believe that you deserve TRUE LOVE

A love that feels good, not a love that causes you PAIN

Book a call now and find out how we REWIRE YOU FOR TRUE LOVE

With a man who wants a real relationship, not a fantasy one!

Speak Soon Xx

Kate Xx

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