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June 25, 2020by Kate

It amazes me how many women book a FREE call with us, and get so close to the SOLUTION and then..


How funny?

Why would they do that?

Because everything that shows up in your life is a MIRROR of what is really going on inside of you.

So, if you are attracting unavailable men, then YOU are likely emotionally unavailable yourself.

And – if you are wondering why you get GHOSTED by men, then it is very likely that you are GHOSTING yourself


Well, if you are accepting crumbs, and putting up with less than you want and need then you are GHOSTING YOURSELF

If you are chasing men who are not making any effort back, and who don’t reciprocate your love, then you are GHOSTING yourself

If you use banter and jokes and try to hide your feelings and desires and needs from men, and hide your true self, then you are GHOSTING yourself

If you over give, people please, abandon yourself and become obsessed and fixated on fixing men, and end up as his therapist, or feel like his mother, then you are GHOSTING yourself

Self-abandonment is the KEY REASON WHY you get ABANDONED and GHOSTED by men

How you treat yourself is how men will treat you

If you want to learn more about how to stop GHOSTING yourself, and how to get quality men to SHOW UP AND COMMIT then book a free call with us NOW:


I’m challenging you – to SHOW UP FOR THE CALL, AND FOR YOURSELF!

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