BlogAttracting Men With A Fear Of Commitment?

April 2, 2020by Kate

So many women come to me stuck in a cycle with men who won’t commit fully, and this includes IN A RELATIONSHIP as well as in dating

Just because someone is with you physically, or even if you live together it doesn’t mean that they are EMOTIONALLY committed to you

Most of them have tried EVERYTHING, including  –

1. Giving more
2. Chasing
3. Playing Games
4. Trying Harder
5. Controlling

Women who I speak with also feel deep down that this is something to do with them – that they are not good enough, not lovable, not slim enough, successful enough, and they honestly have no idea how to fix this

The problem is that they are not seeing clearly, and they are not asking the right question here – there is a HUGE BLIND SPOT

The truth is, if you are attracting partners who fear commitment then this is a MIRROR of your own fear

You have a fear of commitment!

If you want help in healing this, and want to actually address and fix this at the CORE, so that like all of my clients you can move forwards and start CREATING a healthy, connected, COMMITTED relationship, then book a call here and we can help you

Speak soon,

Kate Xx

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