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Kate Mansfield is the UK’s premier dating and relationship coach, she won relationship expert of the year 2019 with Corporate Live Wire and has an unrivalled success rate for client results. The secret to Kate’s success in helping women to fix their love lives, and then to actually find and keep a loving relationship with an ideal partner comes from years of personal experience, professional training, deep spiritual work and intensive mindset techniques and a deep understanding of male psychology. All of this combined has enabled Kate to crack the code of love when it comes to showing women how to actually change the results they are getting in relationships.

Kate is an expert in online and offline dating techniques, and she has a record breaking business, getting women the results that they want in love really fast in a way that blows traditional therapy models out of the water. Kate has created a unique and scientifically proven formula which involves putting women on a strict ‘Dating Diet’, getting them free of their bad beliefs, habits and choices and showing them how to make inspired, conscious, high-value choices to create a healthy lasting relationship with a man who is an equal match for them.

Kate has a blunt, no-nonsense approach, she takes no prisoners in her coaching style and will have you fully loving yourself first and living your dream life before you can say ‘but I love him..!’ Once you have committed to yourself fully, let go of your bad habits and created a clear vision, Kate will put you through dating bootcamp where you get used to consuming only the very best men on the market!

The rest is pure joy, romance and true love – it is not just possible, it is inevitable!

Love & Relationship Coach
Kate Mansfield

Kate Mansfield’s ‘Dating Diet’ Formula – A proven system for attracting and keeping lasting love that works in any scenario, for any women, at any time!

When it comes to Dating and Relationships in today’s world what has worked for women in the past is NOT working anymore…

The ‘Dating Diet’ formula is about giving up short term, quick fix behaviours, addressing attachment issues and applying a proven system to empower yourself that quality men respond to really fast!

Common strategies to meet a partner like online dating, matchmaking and hanging out in bars and clubs while the years roll by are an absolute waste of time and outright ineffective..

The dating landscape is getting tougher and tougher.

Women working and parenting in masculine roles and increasingly earning more than men are not understanding how to work the current dating world…they have no clue how to create polarity, how to inspire men to want to show up as their best selves and most importantly how to RECEIVE.

Women dating and looking for love today are often end up feeling used and taken advantage of by men for short term flings, sex and hook ups. But this is not a reflection on men as a whole – it is because many women are operating with a serious blind spot!

Men are not to blame – any human being will take love, devotion, strings free sex, and a woman running around after them if it is on offer. Your job is to STOP and to go on a serious ‘Dating Diet’.

The old-fashioned ways of converting online dates into long-term meaningful connections, never mind marriage are LAUGHABLE.

Dating and relationship coach in UK
Women are often spending weeks, months and even years calling, texting, fantasizing and chasing after men with no response.

Women who are powerful in other areas of life end up feeling desperate, unloved and rejected by men. They find themselves stuck in dead end confusion, hoping that the man will somehow magically become a partner and a Soulmate… but they never do - they end up in a revolving doorway of dead end situationships..

The good news is that this can all be fixed with my proven, structured system that I have spent over 15 years researching
and developing - this system is called ‘The Dating Diet’.

The Dating Diet system offers you exactly what you need to get you clear about your personal blocks and then to lead you out of your blind spot, letting go of dating disasters and moving quickly into an authentic, exciting and REAL commitment with your DREAM PARTNER!

I have used a unique combination of science, psychology and spirituality to create a reversal energy system that really works for any woman – regardless of age, culture, class, occupation or looks.

All that you need is to be ready – ready to STOP using outdated and failing models of trying to find love.

The truth is… the dating industry is booming but the reality is that more single women are struggling today than ever…

Meanwhile, there are a handful of women that are exploding their dating life and finding true love by leaving ALL of the old-fashioned ways behind …

Join us on this free presentation where we’ll reveal the exact Five Shifts that our clients are using to STOP dating down, or living in a dating drought, get great dates, and to manifest a perfect life partner in as little as 12 weeks, even if that seemed crazy to them a few months ago.

We’ll share how our clients transform from within at such a deep level using my ‘Dating Diet’ system. This teaches them how to use my secret ‘reverse energy’ techniques, which has men chasing them, instead of the old ways of scarcity, fear and chasing men who are often not even a good match in the first place.

Does this sound like you?

Do you have some weeks where you have more than enough dates…but you can’t seem to find any men that you feel attracted to and then the rare ones that you like just disappear?

Do you see other less attractive women getting better dates with quality men and then moving easily into commitment and you can’t for the life of you figure out how they’re doing it?

Maybe you’re tired of chasing after men endlessly, making all of the effort in dating and relationships and going on endless dates, having dull, circular conversations and ending up back where you started? Are you tired of spending your precious time and money going to meet men who don’t value or respect your time and your love?

Do you work really hard at dating, love and relationships and still don’t get back the love and attention that you deserve and crave?

Do you have days, weeks, and months where you have no idea how you’ll ever change this, you know you could be doing things differently, but you just can’t figure it out?

Do you secretly think you might be better off staying alone? Or, do you end up settling for men who are damaged, unavailable and who breadcrumb, disrespect and then ghost you?

Do you find yourself tempted to date down or accept bad or even abusive behaviour from men just so you can avoid loneliness, and being single.


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Dating these days, especially online can be like pulling teeth for many women. The amount of choice in a throw away culture of quick fix…

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Finding love is hard enough, but keeping it is the real challenge. So many women are able to attract a quality man, but then find that he disappears after one or two dates, or even…

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This is for you if you are completely new to coaching, OR if you have an established business and want to join a fast expanding niche – become an accredited dating & relationship coach & let me show you how to get from PURPOSE to PROFIT in 6 months or less.


Kate Mansfield Website Testimonials

I was dating online for 10 years, but I didn’t realise that I had one foot in and one foot out due to past hurts and betrayals from men. I actually resented men, and had no idea of the unconscious negativity that I was carrying around! Kate cleared this for me and within 8 weeks I was having completely different dating exeriences online. Men were chasing ME! I had a sense of power, choice and had control over my dating again. The biggest shift though was actually starting to feel chemistry with NICE men, men who could meet my needs for a change. So grateful for the course, it is life changing

Kelly, New York.


I loved everything about working with Kate and the community of women that she has built. Kate thought about and took care of all of the needs that I have with a self-development experience that is all about incredible results! I thought I would be single forever and I just got engaged to the man of my dreams…I have never felt more confident, adored and valued

Joanne, London.


I came to Kate feeling desperate – at 42 and having never had a relationship beyond a casual fling I felt so much shame. I just wanted to be loved for who I really am, but had no idea how. Kate’s ‘Dating Diet’ program goes really deep, and fast! Within 4 weeks she had uncovered my blocks and by week 6 my confidence was at a place I never could have imagined possible. Once I went back into dating with a plan, boundaries and a new skill set AND feeling lovable men just appeared EVERYWHERE! I ended up with two amazing prospects, but in the end I chose Gary. I CHOSE HIM! That was the miracle! We are so happy. Worth every penny.

Sarah, London.


Kate is my go-to coach for learning how to date, how to let love in and how to use my feminine energy to connect on a whole other level with men, but also with people in general. With the amazingly powerful skills I picked up from her 12 week course, I was able to land my dream job as well as meeting the love of my life. I could not possibly thank her enough.

Karen, York.

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