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Find out the 3 subtle, yet powerful dating mistakes that cause this and learn how to prevent it from ever happening again

While dating, I know that there is so much confusing advice about what to say - or not say, The 'Rules' of love and mixed messages about who should text who and when. Because of this, I wrote an E-book sharing my 6 subtle, yet powerful dating mistakes that most women make and how you can learn what to do instead that will get his attention and have him chasing you for another date. These dating tactics have been created to help you get ahead and stay feeling in charge and confident by teaching you:

  • The most common mistakes that women make on a first date that really put men off BIG TIME!
  • How to actually create desire in a man that is so strong it gets him desperate to have more of you (NB: It might surprise you to know that it is NOT SEX!)
  • How to create an emotional connection that immediately tells him you are girlfriend/wife material and not just a one night stand, or a passing fling.

Watch the Evidence - An Online Dating Strategy That Gets Amazing Results

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Services & Products

At Divine Dating we offer a range of products and services that start with an individual dating strategy session, and ends with my VIP One year 'Find Your Soulmate' Programme. This currently has a 100% success rate. 

Online Courses

This online course is delivered over 8 weeks via live webinar, videos, worksheets and coaching techniques. I will guide you through the process of finding Mr Right using principles taken from The Law of Attraction, Therapy and Life Coaching techniques. All material is recorded and you get lifetime access to the members area, so you can learn at your own pace. 

Dating Strategy Session

Get an effective dating strategy that is uniquely tailored to you in this 90 minute coaching session. By the end of the session you will have a clear dating plan, including clarity around what you want and how to get it, where your dating blind spot is and where you are most likely to find your perfect Mr. Right.

Free Online Training Classes

Sign up for my free, live online Masterclass and learn all of the dos and dont's of online dating. In this free training I will be giving away dsome of my best paid content - FOR FREE! Sign up now and learn how to stand out from 1000's of profiles, what men are looking for in a profile and how to save yourself hours of wasted time, cut to the chase and feel in control. 

VIP 1 Private Year Coaching Program

This is my premium programme for those women who know that in order to guarantee results, total commitment and immersion are essential. If you are ready to put the rest of your life on hold for awhile and you feel that the absolute most important thing to you right now is finding a life partner and building a relationship that works then this is for you. 

About the Creator, Kate Mansfield

Kate is a relationship and dating expert. Kate trained with Relate as a couples therapist, before going on to study as a counsellor and then as a Corporate & Executive Coach with The Coaching Academy. Kate also has a Masters degree in Screenwriting. Kate has combined these unique skills to develop a system that challenges our deepest, unconscious stories and beliefs. Kate uses a powerful mixture of spiritual principles, story telling and the development of faith as a groundwork for her courses and coaching which are all centred upon becoming the best person that you can be - in order to prepare for the greatest LOVE of your life and to MAN-ifest your perfect Mr. Right!

Outside of the dating world, Kate is an entreprenuer, a writer, a life partner and a mother. She spends her time connecting with nature, showing gratitude for the small things and caring for the people she loves.

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I Manifested my husband in just 7 months..!

Working with Kate immediately showed me where I was going wrong with men. I was single for 8 years before this and I thought I would be single forever. But with Kate's subtle yet powerful tactics and some deep unblocking work, I manifested my husband, Ben, in just 7 months on the 1 year 'Find Your Soulmate' Programme. 

Sam Howard, 36, London.

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